Kirsten-productsMy path to wellness started in the year 2000, when I was fed up with going to dermatologists and determined to find a solution for the cystic acne that plagued my skin. After three years of searching and experimenting with different foods, herbs, oils, vitamins and minerals, I experienced consistently balanced, radiant skin.  I continue to live free from the painful acne that scarred my face and body.

In order to maintain my skin free from acne on a daily basis, I drink herbal teas and eat foods that my body can burn as “clean” energy. I exercise in ways that are right for my energy level and body by doing yoga, power walking and bicycling.  I make food choices according to how I feel after eating the food.  To clean and exfoliate my skin, I use my Seaweed Face Wash and Bath Oil Blends.  In the past I also used a Vitamin Spray to prevent breakouts and a Scar Cream to reduce the acne scars.

I enjoy helping people learn about natural methods of balancing and maintaining health.  The elements found in nature comprise our bodies and our bodies regenerate faster when aided by the natural elements.  The path to balance is unique to each of us because while we each have so much in common, what works for some may not work for all.

My blends are unique in that they are handcrafted in small batches with a lot of love.  I use high quality ingredients.  I use only essential oils that have been extracted using the steam distillation or cold pressed methods in combination with unrefined butters, vegetable oils and other natural ingredients, the result is a product of the highest quality.

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My perspective regarding most “pimple/acne” products

I do not trust products pushed by models or actresses who have probably never suffered from a painfully scarring skin problem in their LIFE.  Also, from my experience,  the condition of my skin was not relieved with external products alone.

My experience with “cystic acne”

My skin has been prone to cystic breakouts since I was 12 years old.  I used to have very hateful emotions towards my skin, but now I love my skin and give it what it needs to be radiant and healthy.  People tell me they do not believe me when I tell them how I used to suffer!  The shame I have felt and the physical pain from the acne is very real.  My whole face used to hurt so bad because it would break out with many under-the-surface cysts that no one could see, but I could feel.  I remember I never used to smile because my skin hurt all over my body.  I physically felt miserable all the time.  I never wore tank tops or dresses that would show my shoulders.  My back was not only scarred but full of deep blackheads and breakouts.  My face was continuously scarred and had difficulty getting rid of the blackheads.

What did not work

I went to dermatologists who put me on Minocin (antibiotic) and gave me Retin-A or stronger versions of Benzoyl Peroxide which just dried out my skin but did not heal anything.  One dermatologist suggested that I try Accutane.  After researching all the damaging side effects of Accutane, I felt if I tried Accutane, I may have experienced much more traumatic experiences than just skin breakouts!

I tried every conceivable over-the-counter product for acne, including salycic acid (which burned my skin like a harsh acid), and many natural herbal remedies.  I tried practically every natural and unnatural bar soap, every cream, and every “natural” remedy that is sold in the supplements stores for acne.

Eating foods that contain wheat gluten (breads with wheat flour, pastas, cereals), eating products containing high fructose corn syrup, eating white starchy foods like white potatoes, eating foods with partially hydrogenated oils, canola oil, and eating foods that are considered “processed foods” and/or contain preservatives, eating high acidic foods like oranges, orange juice, strong coffees or black tea.

Drinking alcohol.  I used to drink alcohol on a daily basis.  I now drink alcohol only a handful of times a year and in moderation. It wreaks havoc on the kidneys and liver. Alcohol is a poison to our bodies.

What worked

What the body is experiencing

When the liver, kidneys and other organs are not detoxing all the toxins from the body, it comes out the skin. Also, the pores open to release oil and the serum also comes out the pore, hardens, blocks the oil and this causes pimples and cysts as well as blackheads.

My path to wellness:

In the year 1999, I took a trip to Newport Beach, California and after two days of inhaling the salt water air infused with kelp and being in the ocean, I noticed my skin clearing up . . . . seaweed is an amazing plant.  That was the beginning of my path to wellness.

In 2001, I visited a store in Rocky River, Ohio (http://www.supplementsetc.com) and the owner, Candice Frantz, helped me continue down my path by trying different homeopathic and herbal remedies.  She also started me drinking ionized water. (A good article about ionized water can be found at: http://watershed.net/What-iw-hdfm.htm)

Candice had information about the “Blood Type, Body Types and You” by Joseph Christiano, N.D., C.N.C. and I purchased one of the information cards for my blood type and started eating foods that my body would easily metabolize (http://www.bodyredesigning.com/store/)

My advice to those of us with breakout-prone, oily skin:

We must use OIL to balance our OILY SKIN!  Funny, but true. Once I realized that my skin type is actually so very sensitive, I started paying attention on a daily basis to the amount of oil on my skin because every day is different and I have to balance it every single day.  The oils I EAT come out my SKIN.  The oils I put ON my skin go into my bloodstream and are excreted throughout my body.

We must balance the skin from the INSIDE!  Our skin is our largest organ.  It covers our whole body.  We first realize that our skin is alive and needs to be fed from the inside out as well as from the outside in.  If your skin is not radiant and healthy, what does your body look like on the inside?

Drinking detox teas and whole herb teas as well as eating according to your blood type, physical aerobic exercise and some sort of sweat (like a sauna or steam room) are what I have found to be the best methods of balancing the skin and the body.  By eating according to blood type, drinking detoxing herbal tea blends and performing aerobic activities, one will have radiant skin with very few breakouts, be able to wear tank tops and have more energy to live a wonderful life!

My staple diet – Foods that are gluten-free (ancient and/or sprouted grains), no white sugar, fruit natural sugars, xylitol as a sweetener and stimulant for purging the bowels if necessary … I eat foods that have low acidity (no oranges and most coffees), vegetables, fresh greens remove the acid from the body’s system, fruits that are low in acid, olive oil, grapeseed oil or coconut oil, organic grass fed beef, organic lamb, wild fish, nuts, occasionally I will eat dried fruits, dairy products such as raw milk, organic eggs, sour cream, cottage cheese, yogurt.  I use a high powered blender and drink a green drink everyday full of vegetables (such as kale, celery, cucumber), ginger and a couple herbal tinctures.

I eat deserts but I make sure they are all natural.  I still eat the “bad” breads and pastas from time to time, and afterwards, all my energy is zapped and will typically experience a breakout.  The worst dinner for me to eat is pasta, bread and wine all combined because I am not only immediately tired, but irritable as well.

Oily skin requires more exfoliation than normal or dry skin.  Oily skin is constantly dumping out impurities and rejuvenating the outer skin by releasing oils.  People who have oily skin look younger longer because their body naturally produces an abundance of oils that others who have “normal” or “dry” skin do not.  Keeping the pores clear of dirt and toxins is the goal with oily skin.  Let the oil out and get rid of what is blocking the oil or making the oil toxic to the skin.

I developed these products SPECIFICALLY for those of us who suffer from oily skin prone to breakouts.  Besides eating a diet that was designed for my blood type and aerobic exercise, this is MY ROUTINE:

Detox tea – Start on the inside and drink one or two cups a day.  Ginger is one of the best foods for overall detox of the body.

Seaweed Face Wash – Exfoliate the skin, keep it clean and with continued use, it smoothes out the uneven skin from the scars. This contains Borage Oil and Olive Butter, so there is no need to moisturize your face after you wash.

All Purpose Lotion – This lotion is very light and I use it throughout the day on my hands, arms and legs. I found that when I use a lotion, I can put it on my hands or legs and it is enough to moisturize my entire body. I don’t use lotion on my face.

Skin Balancing Bath Blend – Balances the oils with essential oils. Sometimes we need to balance the oils by adding more oils to the skin. This is for those who need moisture in the skin but are suffering from acne prone, oily skin. This type of blend is usually necessary during the winter months when the skin is dry. Sit in the tub for one hour. Scrub the skin with a body brush to aid in exfoliation. Your skin will glow and it will heal and nourish it at the same time. This bath blend also helps heal scars.

Skin Balancing & Detox Bath Salts – Balances the oils with dead sea salts and essential oils. This is for those times when the oil seems out of control and a good overall exfoliation is needed. Sit in the tub for an hour and scrub the skin. Your skin will glow, your skin will heal, your skin will feel soft and balanced and YOU will feel balanced as well.

Scar Cream – The blend of essential oils that I put in this cream are what continue to keep my body free from acne scars. I still get breakouts and they still scar my skin. My skin is very sensitive and I still have acne scars from three years ago on my skin that I continue to treat. As soon as a breakout occurs, I treat it with the Scar Cream and then it does not turn into a scar that is on my body for years. Using the Scar Cream helps my skin heal from breakouts and cuts within two weeks.

When my skin sweats a lot, I add this to my routine:

Pore Reducing Vitamin Spray – This allows the oil out and blocks the serum. It’s all natural: water, vitamins and minerals, that’s it. Spray on the entire body. It makes the pores smaller and prevents new pimples and cysts.