Testimonials for my “Seaweed Face Wash”

“I love the face wash, my pores have become smaller.  My occasional breakouts have been upgraded to rarely.  I do not need as many facials as I did before I started using the face wash.  I see a definite improvement in smile lines and wrinkles.  Thank you!”    – Donna J. Dugan



I use the ‘Pore ReducingVitamin Spray’ twice a day, every day. I love it ! I also sampled the ‘Face wash’ and used it for one month. I liked the fact that I didn’t feel like I needed to apply a moisturizer after washing my face. The ‘Face wash’ left my skin feeling soft, smooth and conditioned.”      – Susan Smith



Kirsten’s face wash makes my skin glow and has diminished the fine lines near my eyes. Women and men have complimented me on how smooth and radiant my face looks.”  – William Hall





I would like to say thank your for your face product treatment.  It it the far most best thing that happen to my skin.   Due to the fact that I have oily skin, its hard finding products that are effective on my skin and hair bumps, but your skin treatment did the job.   I can’t thank you enough and i’m your client for life!  Thank you, Kirsten…” – Shep York



“I’ve had problem skin since puberty.  I’ve tried a variety of products to try to clean my oily skin Kirsten’s face wash is, by far and way, the best one.  It allows me to thoroughly clean my face without causing any redness or irritation.  I am amazed at how thoroughly, yet gently this product cleanses my skin without drying it out.  One of the best things I ever did for myself was to start using this product!” – Stony Smith





Testimonials for my “Extremely Dry Skin” Cream

I love the Dry Skin Cream!  My skin used to bleed because it was so dry, I do not suffer from that anymore.  The sunspots are fading and my skin is looking younger.”      – Theresa Desmarais


Results from using the ‘Extremely Dry Skin Lotion’ are incredible!  Having chronic rough skin on my elbows for years, I’ve finally found an effective treatment.”      – Bob Desmarais


Testimonials for “Unique 2 You” Blends

CarynKirsten’s bath oil blend helped me recover from a virus that I contracted while out of the country. It helped me sleep and breathe easier.
— Caryn Groedel





Kirsten made me a blend for the potentially pre-‘cancerous’ growths and sunspots I had on my face. Sometimes people wouldcomment about the discoloration on my face and ask me if I knew I had ‘dirt’ on my face! After four weeks of use, the small cyst-like growths disappeared and after two months of use, the sunspots have dramatically faded and the ‘dirt’ spot has diminished.”   – Donna Stohlmann



The roll-on blend that Kirsten made for my lower back pain (I have a pinched nerve) has significantly reduced the pain that I used to feel every day for thirteen years.”         – Michael Bellino


Kirsten gave me a roll-on bottle to try when I was coming down with a cold and the symptoms started to disappear within one day. I also took two baths with her immune support bath & I was better in two days.– Sacara Martin